TAKE A STAND: Terror and children

WCSC - TAKE A STAND: Terror and children

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Another terror attack, this time in Turkey.

It's as if we starting to get numb, soon forgetting until there's another incident. But there are some who think about this a lot.

A photo shared by a mom in Michigan recently went viral.  What she first thought was cute turned out to be heartbreaking when the child told her mother she was taught to do this at school during a lockdown drill for an active shooter.

We all want to protect our kids, but they are curious by nature and easily frightened.

Some parents hold back in an effort to shield their children from what they see on TV or online. It's every parents right to decide how to approach difficult subjects with their children.

Most experts agree we should wait on them to ask questions. Find out what they know and what they think.  Keep it simple and on their level.

Encourage children to express how they feel.

Most importantly, kids are looking for reassurance.  When faced with the bad, let's always look for the good.

It's always the right time to give our kids a hug and let them know they are loved and we're always there for them.

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