Patriots Point streams Fourth of July fireworks show live from multiple drones

VIDEO: Patriots Point to stream Fourth of July fireworks show live from multiple drones
Photo Source: Patriots Point
Photo Source: Patriots Point

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Patriots Point hosted a Fourth of July Fireworks Blast celebration Monday night featuring multiple drones capturing the action.

Monday night was the first time it streamed the fireworks show live to people across the world from multiple drones.

Will Jamieson is the Chief Marketing Officer of The app he created became the first app to live stream video from a drone.

"So tonight we will be using drones, cameras and production to put it together and pipe it out to the world," he said earlier on Monday.

The app gives you the ability to go live from any camera including a cell phone or Go Pro.

"Each drone communicates with a controller via radio and it takes the video feed via radio sends it to the phone and the phone uses its internet connection to send it out to the world," Jamieson said.

Two drones were planned to capture the fireworks along with other cameras providing viewers with up to eight different angles of Patriots Point. While flying around fire, precision is key.

"It's a lot more elements to play with obviously with explosions going on in mid-air," Jamieson said.  "It's actually easier to fly the drones at night in my opinion because you can see the lights going forward and backward, but in order to capture the explosion you really have to navigate the drone right into the thick of it."

At times you can't predict what might happen.

"If the firework is going to hit the drone, you can't control that, but it's got to be a direct impact for it to effect it, the drones are really sturdy," Jamieson said.

Patriots Point Communication Director, Rob Clark, says each year they look to bring something new.

"Doing an additional seven minute piece for our fireworks show that's patriotic and talks about how we need to honor the country and the men and women that fought and served here at the ship, so we're super excited about giving that exceptional experience to our guests."

The live stream was sponsored by, Moondog Animation, Sticky Fingers Smokehouse, Southern Eagle Distributing and Samuel Adams.

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