Police warn of online scam targeting caregivers

Police warn of online scam targeting caregivers

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police are reporting an uptick in scams targeting users of the website designed to help match caregivers to families needing their services.

The Charleston Police Department White Collar Crime Unit reported the increased number of scams targeting people who place their resumes as caregivers on Care.com, according to Charleston Police spokesman Charles Francis.

People are placing their resumes on Care.com and being contacted by individuals who are out of the area, stating they are moving into the area for work.

The suspects are saying they have a disabled child and need a wheelchair. The suspects then send a check to the victim via overnight mail.

The suspects then ask the victims to cash the check, then forward the money to a wheelchair company, so that a wheelchair is available when the family arrives.

Francis says the check bounces after the victim has deposited all the money into a different account. The suspect account is then drained and closed, leaving the victim to foot the bill of upwards of $5,000.

Much like other email scams where the victim deposits a check and then wires the money back to the suspect, this scam is run the same way, he said.

Police say at no point should an individual contact you, and request that money be wired to them after you receive a check.

People should ignore such a request, Francis said.

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