Whirlin' Waters rescue video goes viral, water park hopes to educate parents

Whirlin' Waters rescue video goes viral, water park hopes to educate parents

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Video of a water rescue from Whirlin' Waters in North Charleston is going viral. In one month, it has been watched more than 1.2 million times and managers at the water park hope more see in.

"You have to keep an eye on your children at all times, it doesn't take but a split second for something bad to happen," said Edmonds Brown, Whirlin' Waters general manager.

Brown said that as summer season is ramping up, so are the water rescues at the North Charleston water park.

"There's at least four or five rescues every day," said Brown.

Brown said the majority of rescues happen when children, who aren't strong swimmers, fall out of their inner tubes in the wave pool.

"It goes all the way to six feet ,so when you're in the back of the wave pool it does get pretty deep," said Brown.

Nina Manley brings her children to the park but keeps a close eye.

"I get in with them, I stay right there with them because there's too many children out there and I put a life jacket on them," said Nina Manley.

Brown hopes the Youtube videos remind parents of just how quickly things can turn dangerous.

"If you come here with your kids, its not a babysitter, you need to get in with them especially if you have two or three," said Manley.

Dozens of rescues have been posted by the park manager Kevin Rowland, each on getting thousands of hits.

"He uses those on a daily basis to teach his lifeguards what the best practices are," said Brown.

Brown believes the videos can educate not only their lifeguards but parents around the globe.

Whirlin' Waters lifeguards tell say there are many misconceptions about what drowning looks like. Often times, the person in distress is completely silent and can go under water within seconds.

Brown said Whirlin' Waters has never had any serious injuries at their park, thanks to the extremely attentive lifeguards.