Cops: Goose Creek teen in bulldozer causes $110,000 worth of damage

VIDEO: Cops say Goose Creek teen in bulldozer causes $110,000 worth of damage
Source: Summerville PD
Source: Summerville PD

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Goose Creek teenager is behind bars after police say he hopped into a bulldozer and drove around a construction site causing more than $110,000 worth of damage.

Summerville police arrested Dominic Eric Jones on Thursday and charged him with malicious injury to personal property and breaking into a motor vehicle.

Jones' arrest stems from an incident on June 26 at the Nexton Construction Site at the Weatherstone subdivision.

Workers had left the site for an hour, and when they returned, two bulldozers were missing and could be heard in the distance.

A report states foot prints were seen from where a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer was parked to where the bulldozers were taken.

Investigators say Jones entered at least one of the bulldozers and went around the site causing damage.

Officers say they spoke to Jones the next morning and told police that he left the Lancer off Sheep Island Road the previous night due to a dead battery.

Jones was locked up at the Berkeley County jail and expected to have a bond hearing Thursday night.

In one incident they drove one bulldozer into another.

Berkeley county spokesman Michael Mule' says the vandalism will not delay the completion of the Sheep Island interchange scheduled for 2018.

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