Q&A with CCSD Board of Trustees Chair Cindy Bohn Coats

VIDEO: Q&A with CCSD Board of Trustees Chair Cindy Bohn Coats

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Though school is out, community members still have many questions about what will happen in the Charleston County School District next year.

The Charleston County School Board of Trustees Chair, Cindy Bohn Coats, answered questions regarding the upcoming school year.

The event was hosted by West Ashley United, a community organization that works to enhance neighborhoods and businesses through advocacy and community involvement, according to its Facebook page.

Teresa Tidestrom is the executive director of West Ashley United.

"There's always questions when it comes to the school board, they're always in the news, there's always issues going on," Tidestrom said.

She says Coats offered to come out to speak to the community and they were glad to have the opportunity to address her in a small setting.

"We have some very involved parents in West Ashley," Tidestrom said.

She says there were a few ares of concern from the questions submitted for Charleston County School Board Chair Cindy Bohn Coats.

"My job is to find out what you want to know or what you're not understanding or what you're not hearing and see if I can help do that," Coats said.

Many were looking for an update on if Stono Park Elementary,  a 60-year-old school will be rebuilt.

Meredith Demetre is pushing for the school to be rebuilt along with others in the community.

"If they're collecting the money for it and voters asked for it when they passed the referendum then we feel like it should be rebuilt," Demetre said.

The board will discuss the project again in September. Tidestrom also says many were also interested in knowing about the future of certain programs like in the arts and 4-year-old education.

"My personal philosophy on the board is that it is my job to find a way, as best as you can with a group of parameters that I have no control over, to give the parents what they want," Coats said.

In the midst of the concerns that people might have with the school board Tidestrom wants one thing to shine through.

"I think the parents of West Ashley need to know this, all the schools in West Ashley are amazing schools," Tidestrom said. "The buildings may not be up to par, but the schools are great."

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