Local community holds rally to show solidarity with victims of recent shooting

VIDEO: Local community holds rally to show solidarity with victims of recent shooting

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Locals are speaking out about the recent police shootings. At least 100 people gathered in Marion Square today to show support for the victims.

Last year, the Charleston area was dealing with the aftermath of the death of Walter Scott who was shot and killed by a former North Charleston Police Officer. There were rallies, and protests, but no violence after that.

The crowd was passionate, they were unified and they were grieving as a result of the gun violence that has come up this week. Not only that, they were calling for changes so that other families don't have to go through another loss they say is preventable.

Geraldine Minter says she attended the rally as a concerned citizen.

"I have to be sure every single day that my son is okay," Minter said.

If she doesn't hear from her son every day she worries.

"I pray for him I let him know that I love him when I leave out of the door because I just don't know," she said.

It's this state of uncertainty felt by many after two black men were killed by police officers within a day of each other this week. The shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile  were captured on camera and both were shared by millions.

"Hate cannot drive out hate, we have to bring love in these communities," President of the National Action Network, Elder James Johnson said.

On Friday, the National Action Network hosted a peaceful rally bringing together a diverse group that stands in solidarity with the victims. It was also a way to show support for the five police officers who were shot and killed in Dallas.

"We should not have to live in this fear, no cop should have to wonder if the next shot is going to come from the roof top to assassinate them, because that's wrong too," a speaker at the rally said.

Mayor John Tecklenburg came out in support.

"We are not going to let gun violence continue to tear this country apart," Tecklenburg said.

People say it's the videos that reveal reality.

A local, Bonnie Cleveland came out to the rally. She says it's important to get people involved to help combat the issues.

"I think it's always been this way and because there are cameras everywhere now we see it a lot more," Cleveland said.  "I just want our elected officials to know that something needs to be done and it needs to be done immediately."

As a daughter of a police officer, and a mother who doesn't go a day without talking to her son Minter stands in solidarity with others in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas.

"We as Charlestonians want to show them, how much we love them  and how much we are so deeply hurt about the tragedy," Minter said.

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