TAKE A STAND: Dallas Police deaths

WCSC - TAKE A STAND: Dallas Police deaths

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - I think everyone would agree there's a lot of tension across the country.

This week it's Baton Rouge, Minnesota and now Dallas.

Whether it's a suspect shot by police or police shot by a gunman, it's ending in violence and death and has to stop.

Like earlier incidents, the officers involved in Louisiana and Minnesota will be investigated, charged if legally appropriate and will answer to the judicial system. What we cannot do is resort to even more violence. The bottom line is a sniper hiding from a high vantage point is a cowardly act; an ambush.

Those officers in Dallas, who were working a peaceful protest, didn't have a chance. As a nation, we can get to where we need to be if we'll focus on healing and peace instead of looking for who we can blame.

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