Growing frustration over chopped West Ashley trees

VIDEO: Growing frustration over chopped West Ashley trees
Source: Live 5 news
Source: Live 5 news

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - A 1.1 mile stretch of Old Towne Road is now lined with chopped trees, branches torn off.

The work is considered an eyesore to many.

"They botched them up," said West Ashley resident Merriweather Mule.

According to city of Charleston, SCE&G has an easement right to trim the trees around the power lines. 
The power company has a deal with a tree contractor to do the work.

The city says the job is done within standards.

But, people who live in the area say it looks like a small tornado touched down.

"It's an eyesore," Stephen Jenkins said. "I don't think you should cut down things that are older than you."

"It seems like there was no care or intention involved." Mule said.

A lot of the shade on sidewalks lining Old Towne Road has been stripped away.

"This time of year, we need as much shading as we can get," Jenkins said.

"As a mother of a 9-month-old, it's super important because it's so hot and so bright here in the summer," Mule said.

Mule takes walks with her daughter, often on the sidewalks beneath the trees, and was shocked to see this work done so close to home. 
She feels there must be another way.

"Downtown Charleston, all the power lines are underground," Mule said. "I don't understand. I know it's more expensive, but let's put them underground in West Ashley."

Mule, and others in West Ashley, feel this work is contradicting the West Ashley revitalization promise by the city of Charleston.

"It's just not what we wanted to see in the neighborhood," Mule said.

"Maybe do it with a little more TLC." Jenkins said.

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