Mt Pleasant Council rejects pausing home development

Mt Pleasant Council rejects pausing home development
The Charleston City Council is expected to approve stricter rules regarding short-term rentals. (Source: Live 5 News)

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant town leaders, looking at ways to manage growth east of the Cooper, decided Tuesday evening that a 120-day moratorium was not the solution.

In a 4-5 vote, council decided against council member Joe Bustos' motion to temporarily stop residential development permits.

Mayor Linda Page voiced her concern with the ban, saying more research needs to be done.

"No one is discounting your effort," Mayor Page said to council member Bustos. "But, I am very frustrated to have to make a vote tonight because I want to have meaningful substantial conversation, based on facts and data."

Joe Bustos said he was upset with the decision council reached, not for himself, but for the residents of Mount Pleasant.

"You're going to have to wear this, because as traffic times get worse and schools are crowded," Bustos said. "We had an opportunity to do something about it and we didn't do it."

The statements leading up to the vote showed many in meeting, both council members and residents, felt something needs to be done about the growth.

"I agree with the diagnosis, not with the treatment," council member Bob Brimmer said, voting against the moratorium.

People had opposing opinions about the proposed ban, but many agreed that growth in Mount Pleasant is out of control.

Some spoke at the podium, referencing the moratorium that was put in place in Mount Pleasant in 2008.

"I lived and worked through the last one, I can tell you it didn't work," said Gray Taylor. "It caused a lot of harm. People lost their jobs, people lost their livelihoods."

"I was a lawyer here when we had restrictions on construction around here before," said one Mount Pleasant resident. "We need to establish a moratorium and we need to do it now!"

Meanwhile, council member Bustos said he was frustrated with the decision, but the conversation isn't over.

"I feel badly for the residents of the town because they want badly to have something done," council member Bustos said.

In April, Mount Pleasant town council passed a 180-day moratorium to pause apartment development in the town.

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