SC Aquarium joins initiative to educate about rising sea levels

VIDEO: SC Aquarium joins initiative to educate on rising sea levels

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston takes pride in being an ocean front city.

The threat of rising sea levels has prompted city leaders and organizations, including the South Carolina Aquarium to make moves to help promote awareness of the changing tides well into the future.

An official announcement for the Resilience Initiative for Coastal Education (RICE) program is scheduled for Thursday morning.

The goal is to educate communities and shorelines on the changing landscape for citizens living near shorelines and beyond.

Over a three-year period, the Aquarium and its partners will:

  • Develop a comprehensive public engagement and education awareness program to communicate the importance of resilience planning
  • Develop an advanced storm surge and coastal inundation modeling system for the coastline utilizing NOAA imaging data
  • Engage municipal, corporate and government agency leaders in coordinated planning to arrive at innovative, long-range solutions

Aquarium leaders say they want to make sure that everyone is informed about what is at stake and who is at risk.

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