Charleston Police thank community for support

Charleston Police thank community for support

The Charleston Police Department issued a statement Friday to thank the community for its support over the past two weeks.

The statement, according to police spokesman Charles Francis, came from Police Chief Greg Mullen and the department:

The past two weeks has brought much sorrow and raised questions in communities across America, including Charleston, regarding relationships between citizens and police officers. In these trying times, it is easy for a police officer, young or experienced, who is working diligently every day to make a positive impact in their city to ask the questions, am I making a difference, does the community really understand the commitment, sacrifice, and courage this profession requires, and do I have any support. 

Your cards, letters, posters, personal expressions of love and support, handshakes, and plain old "thank you" on the street has answered all those questions with a resounding "YES." From dozens of handmade cards created by children to expressions of genuine understanding and care on the street, we know you understand and care. You are truly appreciated. Thanks for having our back!!

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