TAKE A STAND: Voices of Reason

WCSC - TAKE A STAND: Voices of Reason

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It was just over a year ago when Walter Scott was killed by a North Charleston police officer. And it was a year ago when a gunman took nine innocent lives at Mother Emanuel AME Church.

Both cases led to charges of murder. Trials in both cases are coming up soon. Both cases caused tension and passion.

But unlike the painful images we've seen in other parts of the country, Charleston remains the model and example of how to mourn, how to pray and how to come together to begin to recover.

Instead of answering violence with more violence, Charleston is allowing the judicial system to run its course.

That doesn't mean there won't be disagreements or strong discussions. That should happen. What should not happen is for extreme voices to drown out the voices of reason.

That's not easy.

As always, Live 5 News will cover all sides of a story, including those who disagree. What we won't do is provide a platform for voices whose only agenda is to inflame and incite.

There are challenging times ahead for our country. I hope those who look for help will continue to look to Charleston as an example of peace and unity.

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