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Father, son law enforcement duo share undeniable bond

Father, son law enforcement duo share undeniable bond

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When law enforcement or military members say "I got your six", it means "I got your back".

No truer words were spoken Tuesday morning when Lafayette Martin II saw his father making a traffic stop and pulled over to help.

“So I said hey, let me give my father a little back up," Martin II said. "It's a lot of things happening,”

Martin, with the Hinds County Sheriff's Office, posted a photo to his Facebook page talking about backing up his father, a JPD officer also named Lafayette Martin, on a morning traffic stop in Jackson and the photo is going viral on social media.

Lafayette used the hashtag #hislifematters and said that he reminded his father to be careful, and his father replied with the same sentiment. 

At the time this article was posted, the photo had been shared over 6,000 times and it has received enormous feedback from residents showing their support for the two, as well as all law enforcement officers.

The elder Martin is in Traffic Enforcement with the Jackson Police Department and the younger Martin works investigations with the HCSO.

Even with decades of experience between them, the recent murders of police officers all across the country has them both on high alert.

“These days, he's out on the highway," said Martin II. "He's making these traffic stops and I worry about him,” 

The feeling is mutual.

In fact, when Lafayette II was deployed to Iraq, his father re-enlisted,

“You're going by yourself," said Martin I. "I don't need to hear that you shouldn't have done that.”

The two share an undeniable bond and an unwavering call to duty.

Brothers in Blue. 

Father and Son. 

Protecting and Serving - Together.

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