Vandals target cemeteries, rip headstones from ground

Vandals target cemeteries, rip headstones from ground

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Vandals targeted two cemeteries this week, and at one of them ripped headstones right out of the ground.

North Charleston Police say vandals removed the marble wall casing and a name plate from the vault of a mausoleum at Carolina Memorial Gardens.

We spoke to a witness.

Zack says he was visiting a friend's gravesite a little after midnight.

He saw two men get out of a white truck and knew something was wrong.

"I see them go over there toward the mausoleum and they start messing around with it. Next thing I knew they pull out a white bag, I yell at them and I chase them and they run," Zack said. "Craziness, like someone's going to h-e-l-l."

Earlier this week another cemetery was targeted in Colleton County.

The sheriff's office says vandals removed as many as 15 headstones at the Heavenly Rest cemetery on Cottageville Highway.

"In my 22 years I've never seen someone violate a cemetery like that," Colleton County Sheriff's Lt. Shane Roberts said.

Roberts says the vandals ripped the headstones from the ground and also stole some bronze vases.

"Maybe someone was trying to take the headstones in order to resell them. Maybe because of some bronze that was in them or something."

Roberts says several World War Two veterans are buried here.

"When you have individuals committing such a senseless crime, they're really affecting not just the individual loved ones but our country."

It's the type of crime you don't hear about

Zack is still trying to make sense of it all.

"I never thought I'd see somebody robbing a grave, something you would see in the movies."

Investigators do not know if the two crimes are related.

So far, no suspects have been identified.

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