"Breaking Down Barriers" event connects law enforcement with community

VIDEO: "Breaking Down Barriers" event connects law enforcement with community
Photo Source: Live 5 News
Photo Source: Live 5 News

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Saturday, officers from the City of Charleston Police Department hosted a family friendly community event, "Breaking Down the Barriers," at Brittlebank Park.

It's just one of the many gatherings put on by our local law enforcement to connect with the people they serve.

Eleven- year-old Steven Scriven says this event was his first time getting to know police.

"I'd be nervous to talk to them because I really never met an officer before," Scriven said.

After the Charleston Police Departments community event he says his view have changed and he's not so nervous anymore.

Sgt. Damien Seabrook is on the Community Action Team.

"[We] just try do something good for the kids, with all the stuff we have going on, you know just try to share the positive impact in the community," Sgt. Seabrook said.

Howard Gatch brought his 4-year-old son Tallon to the event. Tallon says he wants to become a police officer one day.

"He's fascinated with police officers and fire trucks and it's a good community event,." Howard said. "We think the police Dept. does a great job in the City of Charleston. He just loves interacting with them and admires them and we just want to keep that positive energy going throughout his life."

At the event there was free food, jump castles and other activities for kids. People could also learn how to make beats and write songs in the Carolina Studios.

The Charleston Police Department gave away five bikes during a raffle.

"It feels so fun, I'm just really glad I'm out here today," 12-year-old Amari Macon said.

All the kids were given Buddy Cards. If they got ten officer signatures on the card they were entered into a raffle for a free bike. The cards are an initiative to encourage children to talk with police.

"The officers responsibility is to have a dialogue with kids, just not sign the card but you ask them their name, school, where they live to promote that better relationship," Sgt. Seabrook said.

For Steven he is happy to now know local officers.

"They're nice I mean, they save the world, they're like the new superheroes," he said.

The City of Charleston Police Department hosts community events throughout the year.

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