Council chairman wants advisory referendum on I-526 extension project

Council chairman wants advisory referendum on I-526 extension project

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County council's chairman wants the voters to decide the fate of the I-526 extension project.

The State Infrastructure Bank Board voted to kill the project in May.

The board claimed the county failed to meet the deadline to come up with a way to fund it. County Council Chairman Elliott Summey insists the county did not miss the deadline.

"We've got the battleship loaded and we can go one way or the other," Summey said.

One of those ways may be to go to the voters of Charleston County.

Summey says he wants to put an advisory referendum on the November ballot.

The idea is to let Charleston County voters to decide what to do about I-526.

"Why not ask the people, this is a democracy, this is the United States, this is what we do, put the question on the ballot," Summey said.

We asked some folks how they feel about finishing I-526.

"I think they should finish it. I'm very much in favor of it, we really need it," Jane Hall said.

"I heard it would make traffic a little easier for the people that do have to go that way, in that direction so it just makes sense for them to finish it," Kendra Nix said.

I'm comfortable with it not being finished, I just think there'd be so much traffic," Debbie Mixon said.

Summey says the question would only ask yes or no to finishing I-526, but not how to pay for it.

He wants the infrastructure bank to give the county the $420 that's already been set aside for the project.

"In my opinion the state put up $420 million for this project, they need to honor their word and their contract."

The Infrastructure Bank Board is scheduled to meet Tuesday morning to discuss the status of the I-526 project.

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