State Representatives host Prayer Rally in Marion Square

State Representatives host Prayer Rally in Marion Square

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Local state representatives are calling for unity in the midst of the violence and division in the nation.

Thursday evening there was a Payer Rally in Marion Square.

Many people called for gun reform and an end to violence. Many speakers included family members  of people who lives were taken by gun violence.

A mother lost her son to gun violence and she doesn't know who shot him.

"Never in my life did I think it was death, never not for my child," the mother said.

Tarnesha Lawson, shared her family's story about losing her sister to gun and domestic violence.

"For the rest of our lives we will long to touch, talk to, hug and simply spend time with a wonderful woman," Lawson said.

Rev. Anthony Thompson talked about the loss of his wife during the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church.

" I miss my wife everyday, because it was unexpected, I had no clue this was going to happen," Thompson said.

There were so many stories of loss and many have a passion to call for gun reform.

Today was not only about prayer, but also action to call on local legislatures for common sense gun laws. State Representatives Wendell Gilliard a Democrat and Chip Limehouse a Republican say unity is important. That's why they were involved in organizing the payer rally.

"Before we do anything we must first pray and that's what we plan to do today that why you see people of all creeds, all colors, people from all denominations are out here today and we're very proud of that," Gillard said.

"What we're trying to do is bring citizens together and demonstrate that we are on the same team, we are all on the same side," Limehouse said.

Mayor John Tecklenburg and several others today support closing gun sale loopholes. He also supports stricter penalties for repeat offenders who carry guns illegally.

"I do... believe in the power of prayer, don't get me wrong but we need to add meaningful action to that prayer," Tecklenburg said.

Gilliard says he has five bills in the works relating to gun control.

"When it comes to issue like gun control he and I might cancel each other's vote out in Columbia but when it comes to helping our community and it comes to doing things in Charleston, we're always in lockstep," Limehouse said.

Gilliard and Limehouse say they are planning to have more events to bring people together including a round table discussion with community leaders on race relations.

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