Former Dorchester County coroner pleads no contest to breach of peace

Former Dorchester County coroner pleads no contest to breach of peace
Still of dash camera video. (Photo Source: Summerville Police)
Still of dash camera video. (Photo Source: Summerville Police)

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Former Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet has been ordered to pay a fine after pleading no contest to breach of peace in an incident where he allegedly pulled a gun on a neighbor.

Nisbet was initially charged with misconduct in office related to the August 2015 incident.

A judge fined him $100 Tuesday morning.

The Summerville Police Department responded to a call in the area of Doty Park at 12:42 a.m. on Aug. 25, 2015 and found Nisbet on a street arguing with another man. Nisbet had drawn a gun but it was pointed at the ground, according to an incident report.

The incident appears to have begun with an attempted vehicle repossession minutes earlier.

The report states the repo driver attempted to tow away a 2009 Chevy Silverado that belonged to the man with whom Nisbet was seen arguing. The repo driver told police he went to the man's door and told him he was there to repossess the vehicle, at which point the repo driver said the man pointed a gun at him and said, "You can leave now or die." The repo driver said he left the man's yard and contacted Summerville police.

Nisbet told police he was pulling into his driveway when he saw a tow truck pull into the man's yard. He said he saw the owner of the truck walk up to the repo driver and point something at the driver, which Nisbet told police he believed was a gun.

He said the driver then got into his tow truck and left. Nisbet said he approached the repo driver and asked what had happened. As the two talked, they say the owner of the truck left his home, got into his truck and attempted to leave the scene.

The tow truck driver and his girlfriend, who was in the tow truck during the incident, said the owner of the truck stopped alongside their vehicle and threatened to shoot them if they followed him.

Nisbet told police he got back into his truck, activated his blue lights and went after the truck owner, pulling in front of him to block his path in front of Doty Park. Nisbet said he pulled his weapon and demanded the truck owner stop the vehicle, adding he pulled his weapon because he did not know whether the man was armed. Police arrived after Nisbet had exited his vehicle and approached the driver, the report states.

Nisbet continued to hold his weapon, not complying with multiple verbal commands he was being given, the report states. Police say after about 15 seconds, Nisbet complied and placed his firearm on the ground and backed away from it. One of the officers reported smelling the odor of alcohol coming from Nisbet's person, the report states.

He was suspended before resigning in February 2016.

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