Teens step up & meet with Charleston Co. sheriff to better community

Teens step up & meet with Charleston Co. sheriff to better community

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A social media post showing two local high school students meeting with Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon is gaining traction online.

According to Public Information Officer Major Eric Watson, who is also pictured in the photo circulating on Facebook, the students requested a meeting to learn how they can help law enforcement and the community work better together.

The four then spoke privately for almost two hours.

Maj. Watson said the teens came prepared to discuss several issues and took notes.

The teens, Phaizon Myers and Jordan Brown, are both juniors at Fort Dorchester High School. Myers said the recent shooting in Dallas, where five police officers were killed by a sniper, prompted the pair to reach out.

"The shooting in Dallas, that affected us tremendously," Myers said. "We believe since we are young, we need to step up and be the face of the next upcoming movement."

Brown said recent events and the public's perception of police officers and police perception on African Americans needed to be addressed.

"There are a lot of negative vibes towards each other so i figured if we sit down and get to the root of the problems then we can all come together and come to a common ground," Brown said.

Maj. Watson said the teens were so impressive that the Sheriff's Office offered them an opportunity to help develop a program centered around young people with similar ideas.

"The initiative and the interest and the sincerity and the passion they bring with them, I think really provides an opportunity to broaden that interaction," Sheriff Cannon said. "All of us in law enforcement make efforts to make inroads in various communities ...one of the things that becomes obvious is that maybe people that we're getting to aren't the people we need to get to. When you have someone interested in making that connection, I think that's a tremendous indicator that says these are folks we can collaborate with on some issues," the sheriff said. "I'm optimistic that we'll be able to use this as a starting point to build something, a dialogue in both directions,"

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