"Take it to the Streets" ministry provides faith based support for youth in North Charleston

VIDEO: "Take it to the Streets" ministry provides faith based support for youth in North Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The local nonprofit "Taking it to the Streets" is providing a message of faith-based encouragement and reaching the young people to try and end the violence.

Executive Director of the "Take it to the Streets" ministry, Jesse Williams, says it was the violence he saw in the local community that made him and others from Seacoast Church want to start the nonprofit in 2007.

"Rather than complain about those problems we wanted to see how we could get in the mix and be a part of those solutions," Williams said.

Volunteers and others from Seacoast Church get together multiple times a month at Wye Lane Park in North Charleston.

"We do a bible study lesson, some sports and activities connect with the kids, we try to mentor the kids and be a positive influence," Williams said.

On Friday Charleston police charged a 15-year-old with murder in a shooting that left a 19-year-old dead. Police have also charged a 17-year-old with attempted murder for a shooting in North Charleston.

It's something Jesse wants to help prevent.

"We would go door to door, years ago when we started asking what they're needs are, there was nothing for the kids to do they said," Williams said.

He says they're building bonds, through the events they host.

"We've had some of the kids graduate high school and go on to college and so we're at least able to plant seeds in their life by being a consistent picture which is what's needed," he said.

They hope the children will take the lessons of faith with them through their ups and downs.

"When you look at the story of Joseph, he was in jail and prison for over 20 years," Williams said. "But he still came out on top in some way in Egypt, we also try to allow the kids to see that there are true stories of success that can happen to them."

On Saturday, the ministry is hosting a Water Day for the entire family.

They will have water slides, jump castles, food and fellowship.

It starts at 1:30 p.m. and it will take place at 2604 Wye Lane Park in North Charleston.

The organization is also taking donations that will help them continue their programs in the community.

They're also accepting children's clothes, towels and swimwear for the event.

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