Charleston International Airport travelers feeling impact of Delta system failures

Charleston International Airport travelers feeling impact of Delta system failures

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's been a chaotic day for many local travelers as the result of a Delta Airlines system outage that had disrupted flight schedules worldwide.

Monday morning flights were grounded from a power outage in the system. Later in the day, Delta flights were delayed and others have been canceled.

It's been an unpredictable day for Delta Airline Travelers at the Charleston International Airport.

"It's a crazy day in traveling, some days you get them good, some days you get them bad this one looks like it's bad," Delta Traveler, Kelly Broad said.

Local travelers say it's hard to get answers about their flight times. When they try to make a call it's hours before they can get a response from Delta.

"A lot of people checking their phones and a lot of kids layed out on the floor already sleeping," Delta Traveler, Bryan Pratt said.

Delta traveler Keith Hale was set to leave for a church mission trip to Uganda.  A few days ago his wife had their baby.

"Now for it to happen, this year and this time and the same week that I had the baby it's just a coincidence," Hale said. "If we don't go I just know it's nothing but the Lord, if he delays it he just wants me to spend more time with the baby."

Hundreds of thousands of travelers have been stranded and at times clueless.

"It's kind of strange that all the flights say on time." Pratt said. "I guess the systems are down so hard that they can't even change that."

People say it's when they check in for the flight when it shows a delay.

"We don't know if the flight is on time or not so we're just waiting and trying to check in or get another flight, we don't know," Delta traveler, Chelle Kollek said.

Kollek is traveling with other teens from Germany and they've booked a flight to head back home.

"The worst thing is we are alone we don't have our parents," Bianca Bannenberg said.

They say they know they'll get back, they just don't know when. Many are remaining positive despite the setbacks.

"I've already booked another flight, I'm going to get my bag and travel on," Pratt said.

Travelers of canceled or 'significantly' delayed flights have the option for a refund or to change their ticket for free by Friday.

If people's flights were delayed three hours or more, or  if their flight was cancelled they will also be given $200 dollar voucher for a future Delta flight.

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