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Deputies: 3 arrested in theft ring supporting heroin addiction

Burrows. (Source: WCSO) Burrows. (Source: WCSO)
Green. (Source: WCSO) Green. (Source: WCSO)
Welch. (Source: WCSO) Welch. (Source: WCSO)

Three people are facing charges after committing multiple burglaries, larcenies and forgeries to fund heroin addictions, officials with the Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office say.

Investigators say Curtis Lacey Green, 36, Tiffany Daniel Welch, 35, and Carl Belton Burrows, age 30 were caught throwing items from several burglaries into a river near State Highway 377 in Salters on Wednesday, June 22.

Deputies also found binoculars, a butter knife, gloves and a flashlight in a car nearby, according to their arrest warrants. Officials believe those items were used in at least four burglaries.

Among the numerous items deputies say were stolen stolen are antiques valued at over $3,000 from the Salters Railroad Station, several hundred in stolen checks, a $200 drill, a $500 wagon wheel, $1,300 in items from a home, a $400 generator, $1,400 in items from a warehouse and $2,600 in items from a neighborhood clubhouse, deputies say.

According to an affidavit, the suspects were also found in possession of heroin.

"The suspects committed numerous burglaries, larcenies, and forgeries to supply a heroin addiction," officials say in a news release. "The defendants also face charges in Florence County and Clarendon County."

Bonds were set on the defendants and they will remain in the Williamsburg County Detention Center until bond is posted. 

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