Victim ambushed in North Charleston's 20th homicide, family says

VIDEO: 19-year-old ambushed outside home is city's 20th murder victim
A bullet hole in Jones' moped. (Source: Live 5)
A bullet hole in Jones' moped. (Source: Live 5)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 19-year old man who was shot dead outside his house was ambushed, family members said Monday.

Demarco Jones died in his grandmother's arms in front of the Madden Drive home early Sunday morning.

Family members say Jones, known as "Duke," was outside the house speaking with a relative when the shots were fired.

The victim's mom says she found out in a phone call from her daughter.

"My baby girl's crying. Mama, Duke dead, Duke dead," Riso Jones said. "She never said Duke got shot, she said he's he was dead. He's dead on the ground."

We are told the shooter or shooters came from behind the house and shot Jones in the head.

"Like a burglar in the night, they robbed my son out of his life. You didn't have to do that, he was only 19," Riso said.

We saw two bullet holes in the victim's moped.

North Charleston Police say no suspects or motive have been identified.

This is the 20th homicide in North Charleston this year, according to police spokesman Spencer Pryor.

Check back for updates, this is a developing story.

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