New school year brings many firsts for Charleston County

VIDEO: New school year brings many firsts for Charleston Co.
Source: Live 5 news
Source: Live 5 news

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - As Charleston County School District superintendent Dr. Gerrita Postlewait toured eight schools Monday, many spoke about the amount of change seen in the new school year.

"We've been really excited about coming into the new building," said Springfield Elementary first grade teacher Alexandria Sirles.

Some welcomed new facilities. Others were excited about new features in their same buildings.

"This building has been renovated all summer," said Simmons-Pinckney Middle School Principal Nathan Nelson. "So, we have a new AC system."

While renovations work and new structures were some of the most obvious changes seen on the first day of school, other advancements could be seen inside the classroom.

"We're going to one-to-one iPads," said Sirles. "We're having the smart wall learning wall. It's just kind of a new mindset. We're coming into the school year ready to incorporate more technology, get our students more involved in technology."

The old Springfield Elementary School building was torn down earlier in the summer. 
It's now a vacant lot, soon to be a community space.

CCSD Chief Operating Officer Jeff Borowy said it's all part of the bigger picture.

"This really comes close to capping our six year sales tax referendum that was passed back in 2010," said Borowy. "We've built 13 new schools with that money as well as a number of renovations."

The school tours had stops at St. James-Santee Elementary, Chicora Elementary, Military Magnet Academy, Deer Park Middle, Springfield Elementary, Montessori Community, Burke High and Simmons-Pinckney Middle.

Dr. Postlewait heard sounds from the music class, saw the new technology and talked with students.

For her, it was a full day well spent.

"It's the most rewarding thing in the world," said Dr. Postlewait. "It's an aspect of the job that rarely gets much attention, but it's what the job is all about actually."

Dr. Postlewait said this year was much different than last year's start of school.

"For me it's truly a new year," said Dr. Postlewait. "Last year I arrived when all the decisions about the new school year had been made because I got here after the start of the fiscal year. So, for me it's feels as though it's my first year. I know a lot of the principals and teachers. I know where the schools are. I have a sense of history and place and culture."

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