School's tough love message aims to teach responsibility

School's tough love message aims to teach responsibility

LITTLE ROCK, AR (WCSC) - A Facebook post by a boys' Catholic High School in Arkansas has drawn attention nationwide, but the school's principal says the sign is no joke.

"If you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc., please turn around and exit the building," a sign at the Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock reads. "Your son will learn to problem-solve in your absence."

Principal Steve Straessle says the sign merely points out a decades-old policy.

"This is nothing new for us," he said. "It was the beginning of the school year and we wanted to underscore the policy to our new parents."

He said the sign, which really is posted on the door of the school, has not prompted any negative reaction from the school's parents.

"It's not to be mean or cruel, but to teach the important lesson of problem-solving," he said. "We have received zero complaints."

A photo of the sign was posted to the school's Facebook page on Aug. 10 and has been shared more than 115,000 times, a reaction that surprised school leaders.

"We're baffled by it," Straessle said. "Three hours after the post, the conversation no longer involved our school, the debate was about teaching responsibility to our children. It was a very healthy debate and we're glad for that."

Many commenters say today's youths lack responsibility.

"So true!!" One commenter wrote. "If all schools had this rule we would have more responsible students and then adults! Thank you for doing this!!!"

"It's high school," another wrote. "They should know how to keep up with their stuff by now."

Students started class at the Catholic High School for Boys on Monday.

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