Strip club still in business after prostitution sting

Strip club still in business after prostitution sting

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston Police have no plans to try to shut down a strip club officers say is a front for prostitution.

Last Thursday, police conducted an undercover sting, after a tip was sent to Live 5 News that prostitution was going on at Silk Stocking on Business Circle.

Undercover cops say four women offered them sex in exchange for money. Five people were arrested.

A nearby business owner told us she was happy to see the cops make a move. She asked to not be identified.

"I was kind of relieved when I heard. As females working here, we never felt safe, especially at night," she said. "Even as our drivers would come in at two in the morning, I have a lady that's a driver and she felt unsafe in the parking lot here too because of the kind of clientele that they had coming in and out of here."

As a result of the sting, police charged Britney Pomichter, Shenaye Ridley and two other women.

Police also charged the strip club's manager, Edward Vince Bonilla. After his arrest, Bonilla went on his Facebook page, writing that he's feeling annoyed.

He wrote that he was guilty of being there, that he's guilty of not stopping what was going on.

"I failed, now I got to pay the price," Bonilla wrote.

The nearby business owner said she was surprised to hear about arrests for prostitution.

"That, yes," she said. "For years, as long as I can remember for four or five years, I never thought it was like that because I know that's illegal."

Police spokesman Spencer Pryor says the department will continue to investigate any complaints against the strip club and take appropriate action.

If convicted, the five people charged each face a $470 fine.

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