Parents concerned over high temperatures on the bus

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Parents are worried about what they say is dangerous heat on Lowcountry school buses.

A Cross Elementary School dad said his kids are complaining about the hot temperatures.

"I get calls and I'm hearing dad the bus is hot oh my God I don't wanna ride the bus anymore the bus is hot, my head hurting, my back hurting, my muscles feel like they cramping," George Dais said.

Officials with Dorchester District 2 say the buses are not owned by the district.

"We wish we could have air conditioning but the buses are owned by the state department of education and air conditioning is a pretty enormous cost to them," Director of Transportation Steven Shope said.

However, Dais said the buses are inadequate and something should be done.

"If you can lock a kid in a car and you can get fined and you can get jailed for that what about these children on these buses. I invite someone to please get on the bus with one of those temperature gauges and measure it, go from the city and to the rural communities and see what these children have to go through, then come back and say you're fine with your children riding the bus," Dais said.

While the temperatures are high, Shope said to have your children wear light clothing and keep the window down while riding on the bus.

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