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Jewelry store shoppers lucky to survive car crashing through front door

(SOURCE: David Wiemar) (SOURCE: David Wiemar)
Damage to Wiemar Jewelry (Source: David Wiemar) Damage to Wiemar Jewelry (Source: David Wiemar)

A car drove through the front door of a Memphis jewelry store while customers shopped inside.

It was just a normal Friday in Weimar's Jewelry until, all of a sudden, it wasn't. A Ford 500 slammed through the front door around 9:15 a.m.

Gary Kreis, who was sitting inside the store, was thrown about 15 feet and covered in glass. Luckily, the worst he got from the impact was a hairline fracture in his ankle.

"After I saw the video, it scared me," Kreis said. "I thought, lucky, lucky, lucky."

Kreis wasn't the only one who got lucky. David Wiemar, the store owner, jumped out of the way in time. And another man, Stan, is doing OK.

"I've got 15 stitches there and then I got more here and in here," Stan said.

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Even Ruth working in the back, came face-to-face with the sharp end of a piece of glass.

"Another six inches and that glass would have been in her stomach," Wiemar said.

Monday, crews put the glass back up. With everyone alright, they can laugh about what happened just 3 days ago.

"I'm on pain pills, so I'm cool," Kreis joked.

But there's no doubt last Friday left an impact on them. After being hit, Stan could only think about one thing.

"My youngest son. Yeah. That's all," he said. "That's all I could think of. What was he going to do without me?"

Still, there's no hard feelings toward the man driving who pressed the gas instead of the break.

"It's an accident," Wiemar said. "It happens every day. He wasn't coming in to rob me; he wasn't coming in to kill me. He was coming in to do business with me. It happens."

Tuesday, it's back to business as usual at Weimar's Jewelry.

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