Ravenel Bridge will see changes to help prevent suicides

Ravenel Bridge will see changes to help prevent suicides

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Lowcountry leaders from all across the state met today to come up with ways to try and prevent suicides on the Ravenel Bridge, and other bridges in Charleston.

Christy Hall with SCDOT said they will move forward to try and implement call boxes on the bridge as well as barrier options.

A formal engineering study will be done to determine what the best additional barrier would be.

In the ten years since the Ravenel bridge opened 25 people have committed suicide by jumping, despite a barrier being in place, a Charleston Coroner said.

One man said he thought about jumping off the bridge, but a phone call to a friend changed his mind.

"I stood on the Ravenel bridge on one occasion and was going to jump off, fortunately I had a cell phone with me and I actually called a battle buddy and talked to them and I didn't, but I very well could have," Jonathon Lubecky said.

Lubecky is a former U.S. Army Sgt. and suffers from PTSD. He said an experimental treatment cause him to have thoughts of suicide.

The call boxes that could be installed would allow people to make calls from the bridge, which he said could save lives.

The Suicide Prevention Summit is just the first step in making changes. A small group will now work together to start making changes to make bridges more safe.

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