Downtown shooting too close for comfort for CofC, elementary students

Downtown shooting too close for comfort for CofC, elementary students

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man was shot Friday morning during an attempted armed robbery near the College of Charleston and an elementary school.

"That's scary. I never thought that would happen over here," CofC freshman Jordan Budd said.

Hunter Hardy lives right across the street.

"When I looked out my bedroom window there were cops and everything outside. So that was a big indication something did happen," Hardy said.

Police say the victim was standing outside his girlfriend's car.

She was in the driver's seat.

Suddenly a man came up from behind and told him to empty his pockets. Police say he asked the gunman if he really was going to shoot him.

The girlfriend told officers her boyfriend and the suspect walked down coming street.

She heard two shots and hid in the car.

She found the victim inside a house with gunshot wounds in both thighs. The College of Charleston sent out an alert to students and faculty members.

"I was shocked to hear that someone was shot. Usually we don't get crime reports that someone was actually shot. It's just more of an altercation or a little bit less violent," graduate student Sarah Fichera said.

Memminger Elementary school is located right around the block from the crime scene, and was put on lockdown.

"Very concerned, kids safety has always been a concern when it comes to them," Memminger parent Perry Robinson said. "We've got to protect them by them locking it down. I think they did the right thing."

Police say the shooting victim was taken to MUSC.

Some CofC students say the shooting doesn't make them feel less safe.

"It's not surprising, there's crime all over the place," student Andrew Faile said.

Anyone with information on the shooting should call Charleston Police or Crime Stoppers.

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