Community tailgate brings back Cougar pride

Community tailgate brings back Cougar pride

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The first home game for the North Charleston Cougars brought some changes with it.

After not having a good record the last couple years, the North Charleston United Methodist Church is trying to boost the community's morale.

"Last year we started a neighborhood group to get folks to go the football games and we wanted to take that a step further this time," Wendy Hudson-Jacoby said.

Hudson-Jacoby first saw the lack of fans when she moved here five years ago.
"We noticed that there were more players in the field than people in the stands," she said.
Since her and the church have started encouraging people to attend the games, fans and students alike say there has been a boost in attendance.

Some fans said attendance at the first home game was higher than they had ever seen.

First year NCHS football coach Andre Duncan said the additional community support is going to benefit the team as a whole.
"Getting support form a community that doesn't even know me, that's amazing. That helps me build my foundation even stronger when I have the community involved," Duncan said.
He also said these tailgates will help the boys on and off the field.

NCHS students also said the tailgate boosted the atmosphere during the school day as well.

"I was hearing in the hallway everyone was saying they were going to the game today and everyone was pretty excited," Mayra Lomeli Garcia said.
The tailgate will continue to take place every home game. Different churches and organizations will take turn sponsoring the new community event.
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