Coroner: Man involved in officer-involved shooting killed himself

Coroner: Man involved in officer-involved shooting killed himself
Credit: Live 5 news
Credit: Live 5 news
Source: Live 5 news
Source: Live 5 news

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The man who died in an officer-involved shooting shot himself to death, according to the Charleston County coroner.

Coroner Rae Wooten said 29-year-old Christian Olivencia died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, after exchanging fire with police Friday.

Police responded to Plantation Flats Apartments, at 2181 Dunlap Street, for an intoxicated man firing a gun into the air.

Police say he left the apartment complex in a vehicle. They later located him on Strafford Street and tried to stop him.

Instead, he led police on a chase through Strafford Street, Ashley Phosphate Road and Rivers Avenue, before turning back into the Plantation Flats Apartments.

Police say Olivencia got out of the car, with a gun in his hand, and they chased him.

According to reports, he fired shots at police, and they fired back, before he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Inside Plantation Flats Apartments in North Charleston, a cross sits in front of the breezeway by building 2. Five bullet holes mark the back of the stairs, leading up to the second-floor apartments.

Christian Olivencia's girlfriend Jennifer Twyman was still in shock Monday afternoon.

"It's like a bad movie you can never push pause on and stop, it's just replaying," Twyman said.

There was even more heartache Monday morning after Twyman found love notes.

"Inside my shoes are notes, notes telling me I was his everything," Twyman said.

Twyman says it all started Friday around 6 p.m., more than five hours before police were called, when she tried to break-up with Olivencia.

She says he was love of her life, but his depression became too much. She thought she needed a break, hoping they'd get back together.

She didn't expect him to get a gun.

"He walks to the back where the breezeway is and he shoots it off and he fires it," Twyman said.

Twyman said he didn't pose a threat to anyone and just fired shots into the air.

"I wasn't worried," Twyman said. "I was just worried about getting the gun from him."

She said he left several times over the next few hours and would come back to their apartment.

"Every time he would come he would plead and beg like, please stay with me, I need you, we have to be together," Twyman said. "You're my everything and I let him go."

According to Twyman, police were called around 11:15 p.m.

Her neighbor pulled her inside her apartment.

"The next thing I hear is gunshots, 6 to 10," Twyman said. "Boom! boom! boom!"

When the gunshots stopped, Twyman walked out to talk to officers.

"Is Christian okay?" She asked officers.

She said they answered, "No ma'am, he's not okay."

Twyman feels the man she calls the love of her life should be here today.

"He didn't shoot, he didn't shoot at the cops" Twyman said, admitting she was inside when shots were fired.

She says he shouldn't have run from police.

She has several unanswered questions and feels a lot of guilt.

Meanwhile, she says she'll hold onto memories and sweet notes.

"I'll always love you," Twyman said, reading a love note.

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