FBI: Drexel kidnapped, raped, shot, fed to gators

VIDEO: Father, son part of Drexel investigation

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Brittanee Drexel was kidnapped, gang-raped, shot and fed to alligators, according to an FBI agent.

The new information in the Drexel case came out during a federal court hearing on an unrelated case.

It was during a detention hearing for Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor regarding a 2011 armed robbery in Mount Pleasant.

At the August 15 hearing, FBI agent Gerrick Munoz testified several people had come forward saying Taylor was involved in the teen's disappearance.

According to the court transcript one eyewitness, state prison inmate Taquan Brown told the agent he, Brown was at the house in McClellanville when Drexel was killed.

Brown is serving time for an unrelated charge. Brown reportedly told the FBI he saw Timothy Taylor and others sexually abusing Drexel.

Brown said he was outside when he saw Drexel run from the house, get pistol whipped and taken back inside.

Brown told the agent he heard two shots and assumed Taylor's father who also was there shot the teen. He said Drexel's body was wrapped and taken away.

Taylor's father Shaun Taylor, was charged in 2010 with an attempted abduction just a few blocks from where Drexel was kidnapped.

At the time, investigators say the elder Taylor also was a person of interest in Drexel's disappearance.

Police wound up dropping the charges against Shaun Taylor because they said surveillance video showed he was not in the area at the time of the attempted kidnapping.

According to the court transcript, the FBI agent testified several witnesses said Drexel's body was put in a gator pit so it would be eaten.

He said investigators searched several ponds and found nothing. The agent said there were about 40 ponds in the area.

According to the court transcripts, an unnamed inmate at the Georgetown County Jail told the FBI another inmate told him he saw Taylor take Drexel to McClellanville where she ended up in a human trafficking situation.

The inmate said it became a problem when the press began to run stories about Drexel's disappearance, and that she was then murdered and disposed of.

During the hearing the FBI agent testified several other people will come forward and will confirm Taylor's direct involvement in Drexel's murder.

So far, no one has been charged.

In July, a Live 5 News investigation revealed suspects had been identified in Drexel's disappearance and murder and that she may have been a victim of human trafficking.

At the same court hearing, Taylor's attorney David Aylor said using Taquan Brown as an eyewitness in the Drexel case was clearly nothing more than a squeeze job."

Aylor declined to comment on the case Monday.

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