Swimmers feel effects of rip currents

VIDEO: Swimmers off Folly Beach feel effects of rip currents

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Despite a high rip current risk on Monday beachgoers continued to swim at Charleston beaches, and said they felt the current.

Monday was the second straight day the National Weather Services advised swimmers to stay out of the surf as Tropical Depression Eight gets closer to the coast.

At Folly Beach there were "No Swimming" signs stating for swimmers not to swim between the signs and the pier.

The NWS states rip currents occur most often near piers, low sports, or beaks in the sandbar, jetties, and groins. Rip currents are powerful channels of flowing water that quickly flow away from the shore.

Several people on Folly Beach didn't know there was a rip current warning out, despite feeling the pull.

"I could hardly stand up and the water was knee deep it was pulling in every direction," Jane Davis said.

Davis also said she had never felt anything as strong as the current.

Out-of-town swimmers also felt the current, but some said they would be sure to not go out very deep.

"I could feel it pulling me to the right and it made me a little bit uncomfortable being so far pulled out and so much to the right when that wasn't the direction I was trying to go," Jessica Lewis-Sleet said.

"We weren't comfortable really going past our knees just cause the water was so strong I consider myself a good swimmer but I didn't' feel comfortable… it was pulling me in a different direction," Leslie Scott said.

It is not recommended for swimmers or surfers to swim along the coast on Tuesday as well.

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