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Tri-Counties to see new and improved trails


Tuesday night the Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Council of Government got community input on how to improve
safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
This is the first stage in the process to improve and connect walking and cyclist paths, sidewalks, and intersections in the tri-counties.
Once all the public input and data is gathered, the findings will be presented to the public and they will have an opportunity to give their opinion
once again. This is expected to take place in November.
Once final input is given and data is collected, a final plan will be drawn up in February or March.
The goal is to make it safer for people to travel county to county.
"Our primary concern is public safety we have had a number of incidents in our region that along with the fact
that we want to promote health and activity living and want people to get from point a to point b in a safe way," Vonie Gilreath said.
These changes will ultimately allow pedestrians and cyclists to explore new areas.
"I'm hoping to see some connectivity because different areas of town have some good paths but if we could get
those connected regionally, we really have something,”
Christine Czarnik said.
The public can request a trail, sidewalk, or safer walkway at
www.walkbikebcd.com. That is where you can also see which areas are already safe to travel on.
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