Interviews for new Summerville Chief of Police underway

Interviews for new Summerville Chief of Police underway

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The search for a new Chief of Police in Summerville is fully underway.

Town Council and the Town Administrator met with candidates throughout the day Thursday.

Tiffany Norton, a spokeswoman for the town, said 17 applications were received, with a committee narrowing the field to five candidates.

The first interview started at 9 a.m. with the Town Administrator.

The names of the five candidates have not been released, however Captain Jon Rogers, a spokesman for the police department, is one of the people on the list.

Rogers was seen sitting in Council Chambers around 10 a.m. for his interview with council members.

All other candidates were taken through a different door for their interviews.

Town Council held a special meeting for these interviews, which was done in executive session, behind closed doors.

Council members met with the candidates for roughly an hour each after each candidate interviewed with the Town Administrator.

According to the town ordinance, the administrator has the power to appoint department heads, like Chief of Police, with the approval of town council.

Mayor Wiley Johnson said he's not sure how the selection process for the position will go.

He's hopeful the decision will be made as a group, working closely with the town administrator.

Thursday afternoon Norton said the administrator will give his recommendation for the new Chief of Police at the council meeting September 8.

Former Police Chief Bruce Owens retired August 1 after 12 years on the job.

Currently, Major Frank Nigro is acting as interim Chief of Police in Summerville.

Johnson did not give a time line for when a new chief would be approved.

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