Out of state crews assisting Lowcountry with Hermine

Out of state crews assisting Lowcountry with Hermine

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Electric company workers from outside the Lowcountry will assist local crews with reported incidents when Hermine hits the area.

Kim Asbill, spokeswoman with South Carolina Electric & Gas, said 100 linemen from Washington D.C., Maryland, areas of North Carolina, and the upstate will arrive in North Charleston late Friday morning.

These linemen will ride with the local crews to reported incidents.

Asbill said management has been tracking the storm over the last few days, and feel the extra hands are needed in the Lowcountry based on past storms.

"We have resources here and we do a great job, but when there are that many incidents of trouble, we call them, and places we need to respond to, that's when we need additional help," she said.

The extra hands will help service areas in Charleston, Summerville, and Beaufort.

Management is expecting to see a number of power outages throughout Friday and into Saturday.

"It is possible because the ground is so saturated, when the wind gusts pick up this afternoon, we could see as many as 450 outage events on the system," said Cedric Green, General Manager of Electric Operations with SCE&G.

Officials with the company are urging customers to stay safe and use precaution.

"As the ground continues to become saturated we expect trees to fall," Green said. "When trees fall, there's a chance they could bring power lines to the ground. Always assume our power lines are energized. It can be a catastrophic event if someone gets too close to a power line. Also because the ground is wet, water conducts electricity. So just stay away, call us and we'll come out."

Outages, downed power lines and or trees can be reported to SCE&G online, by phone, or via text.

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