Tourists look forward to Labor Day Weekend plans following Hermine

VIDEO: Tourists look forward to Labor Day Weekend plans following Hermine

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Friday everyone was warned to stay inside because of Tropical Storm Hermine.

The next day, locals and tourists have been able to enjoy the clear skies and sunshine.

Samantha Simunyu is visiting Charleston with her family from North Carolina.

"We were a little worried yesterday because we thought it was going to be raining so we almost cancelled our trip, but we just decided to buckle down and drive over this morning and it's been beautiful," Simunyu said.

Her family came to Charleston to meet with family members they haven't seen in 15 years.

Those family members they came to see work on the cruise ship and they were docked just for the day.

"Last time I saw them I was like a baby so I kind of don't remember them," Samantha's sister, Nicole said. "It's kind of nice seeing new faces, it's just joy and happiness."

Sarah Russell traveled from Georgia to celebrate her bachelorette weekend.

"Hermine tried to ruin our trip but she did not succeed, it was a little windy, the rain was not so bad, but the wind was what was the worst part," Russell said.

Some of her friends had some setbacks getting in, like Leslie Allen who was driving from Orlando, Fla

"I tried to push through so I made it to Jacksonville and then actually had to quit and stay with my parents for the night in South Georgia," Allen said.

Russell's friends where determined to arrive for the weekend celebrations.

Sabrina Lewis was driving from Georgia she says the road conditions were difficult to drive in at times.

"We also hyd roplaned a couple times which is a little scary, but you know what when you've got a bachelorette waiting for you, you've just got to withstand the elements," Lewis said.

Shawna Howard and John Russell had been planning a trip to Charleston from Houston for months.

"I didn't know if our flight was going to actually take off because we were landing right when it was blowing through," John said.

Those worries now washed away by a clear forecast for the rest of the Labor Day weekend.

"We got in last night got into a little bit of rain, but it rained on us after dinner and that was it. Now it's like sunny skies and awesome, awesome weather," Howard said.

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