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Police search for vandals who used BB guns to shoot out car windows and hit homes

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Charleston Police are looking for vandals who used BB guns to shoot out car windows and hit some homes in a West Ashley neighborhood.

Investigators say it happened Friday night or early Saturday morning on Banbury Lane in the Forest Lakes subdivision.

Dorian Bucholz came out of her house Saturday morning and discovered the rear window of her vehicle had been shattered.

At first, Bucholz thought the damage may have been caused by Friday's tropical storm.

"I didn't see a tree limb. I didn't know what was happening," Bucholz said.

She soon found out the damage wasn't done by the storm. Something all too similar happened to her neighbor, Ruffie Miller, who returned home Sunday after a trip to New York.

It wasn't a happy homecoming.

"My son had a look at his son's truck and said well, that window didn't look right," Miller said.

It turns out the rear window of the truck was shattered.

The rear bumper of Miller's truck was dented by BB's.

"I was mad. A brand new truck, I had it a week and here somebody comes along a shoots BB's at it."

One BB is still stuck in the vinyl of Miller's house.

"If you can do that damage to a truck and that damage to tempered glass you can imagine what it would do to a person if it hit them," Miller said.

Bucholz says she's fortunate the only damage was done to her car.

"If they would have been close, it could have gone in the house, could have gone in the garage, you just don't know."

Police haven't identified any suspects.

The victims feel they've been violated.

"It's sad that people don't care about other people's property anymore. It's like it's not mine so if I tear it up," Miller said.

Miller says he's making other residents in the neighborhood aware of what happened to him and Bucholz, just in case the BB gun vandals return.

Anyone with information should call consolidated dispatch at (843) 743-7200.

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