Dorchester County beekeepers address county council

Dorchester County beekeepers address county council

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Tuesday night local beekeepers had the opportunity to meet with local leaders after an aerial mosquito pesticide spray killed millions of bees.

Many beekeepers have come together to create a group, Save Humanity Save the Bees, and have formed a petition to stop aerial spraying in Dorchester County.

The petition was created before the aerial spraying occurred and has continued to gain signatures.

"We took action immediately. We created a petition and it now has seventy-six hundred signatures to stop it. Unfortunately, it didn't stop it and they moved forward with the spraying," Kristina Litzenberger said.

Litzenberger also said the group advocating to stop the aerial spraying wants to know what is in the spray being used, ""We don't quite understand what's going into these toxic chemicals that's going over our heads.

Dorchester County Council also heard concerns about organic farms losing their organic status after being sprayed with pesticide. They said each farm could be fined over $11,000.

The message that every beekeeper told the council, was how the lack of bees will impact the community.

"If we lose the pollinators we lose fruit, Flowertowns festival, anything that needs to be pollinated in order to propagate," Daniel M Wyberg said.

Council member David Chinnis said the public safety is what's most important.

"Its imperative with four known travel related cases in Dorchester county we keep that happening to somebody else because a human life is most important to me," Chinnis said.

Some beekeepers said they chose to live in Dorchester County so aerial spraying would not be an issue for their bees.

"That's one reason I am in Dorchester county and not Berkeley or Charleston county because they did not aerial spray," Heather Tomayo said.