Judge grants couple's request for surrogate baby name change

Judge grants couple's request for surrogate baby name change

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Connecticut couple say they can breathe easier tonight now that a judge has agreed their new baby can take their last name.

We've been following this family through our investigation, "The Surrogate Struggle," and this afternoon, baby Mary Lynn was carried out of Charleston County Family Court with a new name.

When Mary was delivered in May by surrogate mom Andrea Pruitt, state law required Mary's birth certificate to list her birth mother's last name.

So Mary's last name was listed as Pruitt, even though she was conceived in a test tube by her biological parents, Chris and Stephanie Rehnberg.

"It's been a long road emotionally and physically, and hopefully we can make it easier in the future for other people," said Stephane Rehnberg, who plans to appeal to state lawmakers to make the surrogate process less complicated in South Carolina.

Her husband, Chris, said he had to jump through hoops, "to make sure the child still comes home to us as our baby."

Adding to the anxiety, the Rehnbergs say they got only 36 hours notice to appear before the judge this morning with their baby.

They made a 16 hour drive to Charleston with baby Mary.

"We look at Mary, and it's all worth it," Stephanie said.  She continued, "We have what we've been praying for, we're very fortunate and blessed."

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