Speed enforcement campaign underway on I-26

Speed enforcement campaign underway on I-26
Source: Live 5 News

The "100 deadliest days of summer" are over, but Highway Patrol has launched a new campaign to keep local roads safe.

"We don't change what we're doing at Highway Patrol," Lance Corporal Matt Southern said. "We don't want you to change what you're doing behind the wheel of your car either."

Highway Patrol and local departments ranging from Berkeley County to Charleston's County Sheriff's office are teaming up to monitor I-26 across six counties.

"We're particularly looking for speeding, following too closely, making lane changes that are unsafe or unlawful," Southern said.

In addition, law enforcement will watch for people not wearing seat belts.

"We may not be in the same uniform but we have the same mission in mind and that's target zero," Southern said.

Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties have all seen a d rop in traffic-related deaths since last year. But across South Carolina, the number of traffic fatalities have increased from 651 in 2015 to 656 deaths in the same time frame this year. Southern said there were 13 deaths in the I-26 corridor alone.
Law enforcement will be using both radar and lidar during the campaign to curb speeding.  

"Our cars are equipped with radar that's in the front and in the back so as we're traveling up and down the road, if a vehicle is to come up behind us at a high rate of speed we can actually get that speed coming up behind us," Southern said.

That speeding ticket can cost you between $75 to more than $350.

"Folks seeing these officers with these blue lights on, will make them think the next time they get in the car," Southern said. "Hey, I better put my seatbelt on. Hey, I better drive the speed limit, and hey, I better do what I'm supposed to be doing every time I'm in the car."

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