N. Charleston H.S. football coach seeks community involvement

N. Charleston H.S. football coach seeks community involvement
(Source: Live 5)
(Source: Live 5)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The new North Charleston High School head football coach is already seeing positive changes since the team's season started three weeks ago.

Andre Duncan, is adamant about getting the community involved in the lives of the 45 players on the varsity roster.

"Success is not a destination, it's a journey," Duncan said.

It's a saying Duncan tries to instill in his players every chance he gets.

After stepping in to the position exactly one month ago, he's also taking that journey towards success, trying to use every route possible.

"Community support is good because when kids feel like they're loved, they go even harder," Duncan said.

Duncan has always been involved with the community, taking part in Project Cool Breeze, and trying to get an arena indoor football team, the South Carolina Ravens, back up and running.

Now he's turning the table and asking the community of North Charleston for help.

"Flock here Friday night, every Friday night," he said. "I want the whole town to shut-down. I want these kids to get what they see on TV."

He's posted all over social media seeking support, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

"Being a graduated of 1985 and a member of the first Cougar team I would like to say Good Luck to you, the team, and your staff for the upcoming season. I am excited to the fact that this community is embracing you all and providing support that you all deserve," wrote one man.

"We would love to help do whatever we can," wrote another woman in a Facebook group.

The North Charleston Fire station right next to the field stepped up to help for the team during the first home game.

"The firemen drove them in, escorted them in, brought them to the school and they were like, wow!" Duncan said.

It doesn't just revolve around the home games though, Duncan is inviting anyone and everyone to their practices.

He said one man who graduated in 1972 is already taking advantage of it.

"He comes out here with his bike and sits there nice and quiet until practice is almost over," Duncan said. "Then when I sit the guys down and talk to them, that's when he sort of tells the guys that you're going to miss it one day so give it everything you've got."

The team's motto this year, "All or nothing".

Duncan said his coaching staff does as much as they can to pump up the team, but the backing from the community is what can help these young men climb that mountain.

North Charleston faces St. John's High School Friday at 7:30 in North Charleston.

The last time these teams faced each other was three years ago during the regular season.

North Charleston currently has a 1-1 record, St. John's 1-2.

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