Sidewalks for Boulder Bluff petitioners seek help from Goose Creek Mayor

Sidewalks for Boulder Bluff petitioners seek help from Goose Creek Mayor

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Residents of a Goose Creek community are taking their demands for sidewalks to city leaders. Some of them went out to the city council meeting Tuesday night.

Now the Goose Creek Mayor is trying to help them in this fight for sidewalk funding once again in a more than 20 year battle for safer roads.

The Boulder Bluff community is demanding safer roads for pedestrians. Many were angered after a pedestrian was hit last month.

Larry Alexis used to live in the Boulder Bluff community but moved three years ago. He's in the fight for sidewalks now that his daughter lives in the neighborhood with her young children.

"I want to tell the city officials that we aren't going to give up this time that we actually started to join together," Alexis said.

Alexis and others went to Goose Creek City Council to ask for help in getting sidewalks. A big concern is the children who walk to and from Boulder Bluff Elementary.

"I can't even walk down the street anymore because I'm afraid I'm going to get hit," he said.

Mayor of Goose Creek Michael Heitzler says they've applied for grants three times, but each attempt failed.

"Another agencies would say 'if you give me a million bucks we will put in two miles of sidewalk', we say 'if you give us a million bucks we'll put in 500 yards of sidewalk' because we have to put in ditches, we have to do everything," Heitzler said. "They're just not ready for a sidewalk."

That's been the struggle both space and funding. Mayor Heitzler says the road is state owned so SCDOT should be the ones funding it.

"The city has no tax for roads, no tax for road enhancements, we have no tax for sidewalks," Heitzler said.

Just this week, the city started a process of applying for another grant.

"If we have to fail ten times I want us to keep trying until we can get sidewalks over in Boulder Bluff," Heitzler said.

Alexis wants to see more action after facing failure year after year.

"My past experience is they'll put in for a grant they'll get turned down and nothing happens," Alexis said.

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