Bond set for man accused of forcibly taking infant son

Bond set for man accused of forcibly taking infant son

North Charleston - Bond has been set at $50,000 for the man accused of abducting his nine-month-old son.

Investigators said Mark Gathers, Jr. and two others chased after his girlfriend, knocked her down and took the infant from the Pine Crest Apartments Thursday morning.

The child's mother is the custodial parent.

According to an incident report, Gathers told his girlfriend she would never see her son again.

After bond court, one of Gathers' relatives said she doesn't believe he attacked the woman.

She asked to not be identified.

"My understanding is that the child was in a bad situation and he was concerned about the child, not to try to attack Brandi or anything, you know," she said. "She's like the lady who cries wolf and she's doing all that stuff for attention."

Just before 9 p.m. Thursday, investigators said Gathers and the child were located on North Romney Street in downtown Charleston and the suspect was in custody.

Police say the baby was reunited with his mom.

Gathers' relative admits he should have handled the situation differently.

"What he should have done was call North Charleston policemen and tell them to come to where he was, instead of taking matters into his own hands," she said.

As part of his bond conditions the judge ordered Gathers to stay away from his girlfriend and son.

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