Northwoods Mall cracks down on unsupervised teens

VIDEO: Northwoods Mall cracks down on unsupervised teens


New rules are in effect at Northwoods Mall, the mall is cracking down on its policy regarding minors, creating a new Youth Escort Policy.

The policy requires people below the age of 18 will have to be with a guardian at least 21 years old on Friday and Saturday nights after 6 p.m. 

Mall management said this new policy was a long time coming.

“I think this has been coming for a number of years. We’ve been getting feedback from our retailers, from shoppers, people in the community saying that there’s large groups of unsupervised kids here on those nights and it doesn’t create a comfortable shopping environment,” Northwoods Mall Marketing Director Leigh Burnett said.
Security monitored entrances Friday night and were scattered throughout the mall checking IDs.
“They’re not going to be carding everyone coming through the door they’ll do a case by case basis and if they’re not 18 or older they’ll be asked to leave the mall,” Burnett said
One parent also said she was pleased with the new policy.
“I think it’s better. It’s not as crowded in the mall anymore. We can actually shop around and not worry if someone is gonna rob us or something like that,” Sharron said. She was at the mall shopping and spending time with her young kids.
Another parent said he can see where young visitors would want to be parent-free.
“It doesn’t really affect me that much because I like spending time with my children, but I can kinda understand they want their freedom and they want to be able to walk around and do their own thing,” Luke Vickers said.
He also said he trusts his kids and knows they’re not the problem.

Minors can still go to the mall alone on weekends and teens employed at the mall who don't meet age requirements will be issued an ID.

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