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Dash-cam video released of woman threatening to kill officers 'like a vampire'

Dash camera video from September 13 incident (Source: Isle of Palms Police) Dash camera video from September 13 incident (Source: Isle of Palms Police)
Maureen Culbreth (Source: Charleston County Detention Center) Maureen Culbreth (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)

Isle of Palms police officials have released dash camera video from a Sept. 13 incident where a woman reportedly threatened to kill officers by ripping their throats out like a vampire.

The 38-minute video shows officers driving to the Al Cannon Detention Center in North Charleston after Maureen Culbreth, 45, of Boiling Springs, was arrested Tuesday night.

Officers originally responded to a possible domestic incident in the parking lot outside of The Refuge by the IOP connector.

Upon arrival, officers state Culbreth was extremely intoxicated, loud and boisterous in front of patrons leaving the place.

Witnesses said she tried to tackle some people in the bar.

An incident report states Culbreth was arrested for disorderly conduct, and placed in the police car where she then became combative, kicking the side rear window.

Police said when officers put ankle shackles around Culbreth, she began to make threats stating she was going to have the arresting officer killed by Trey Gowdy, a U.S. Representative with South Carolina’s 4th district.

In the dash-cam video Culbreth can be heard kicking the window, causing the officers to pull back into the parking lot and administer leg shackles.

“We have to fix her… she’s still kicking the windows,” said one of the police officers in the video.

The report states as the officer was trying to secure the equipment, Culbreth spit in his face hitting him in the left ear, eye and mouth.

During the nearly 20-minute drive to the jail, Culbreth can be heard telling the two officers 28 times that she was, “going to kill them both.” Additionally, she mentioned the officers “were going to die” (eight times), and she would “rip their throats out like a vampire” (eight times).

MC: “I’m going to rip your (expletive) throats out. Yea, I’m like a vampire.”

IOPPD: “Ma’am I’m telling you, my friend had nothing to do with this. This was all me.”

One of the officers in the patrol car is still in training.

The report states the officers advised dispatch to call the detention center to have the Special Operation Group team on standby for a combative subject.

During the course of the drive, officers can be heard responding to Culbreth’s varying statements.

MC: “Oh my god. Why the (expletive) did you (expletive) put me in chains? God damn you!”

IOPPD: “For your safety ma’am.”

MC: “Yeah really?!”

IOPPD: “Yeah really.”

MC: “Really (expletive)?”

Culbreth can also be heard weeping at times during the 20-minute drive to the jail. Officers asked Culbreth if she was okay, despite the numerous threats.

Captain Jeffrey Swain with the Isle of Palms Police Department said Monday the officers handled the situation well.

“They both kept their cool,” he said. “Both were focused on doing their job, and in this instance keeping the woman calm, and occupied.”

Culbreth was charged with congregating in an unlawful place, throwing bodily fluids, and two counts of threatening a public official.

She has posted bail since that incident.

Attempts at reaching Culbreth for comment were unsuccessful.

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