Slager case: Pre-trial juror questionnaire released

Slager case: Pre-trial juror questionnaire released

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A list of questions for the jury pool in the state case against Michael Slager has been released ahead of trial.

Officials are using the pre-trial questionnaire as a first step to help ensure a fair and impartial ruling in the case of the former North Charleston police officer accused of shooting and killing 50-year-old Walter Scott at a traffic stop in April 2015.

According to court documents filed Tuesday, 500 randomly-selected people will receive jury summons and questionnaires Friday. The official jury will be selected from that group.

Members of the jury pool will be asked questions ranging from their level of education to whether they have any friends or relatives in law enforcement.

Look at the entire questionnaire here:

The potential jurors will have five days to complete the questionnaire and the list of jurors and their answers will be sealed.

A hearing will be scheduled to give prospective jurors the chance to be excused from jury service and official jury members will be selected ahead of Oct. 31, when trial is scheduled to start.

Juries for criminal cases are usually comprised of 12 people.

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