Community members lead peaceful protest in downtown Charleston

Community members lead peaceful protest in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Peaceful protestors took to the Marion Square sidewalks Wednesday evening to show they've had enough of the shootings.

Protestors said they wanted to raise awareness in Charleston about the three men killed by police in the past week, Tyre King, Terence Crutcher, and Keith Scott.

One of the women protesting said the community has lost a family member and people came out tonight because they've had enough of the shootings.

"Week after week of two three men getting killed by police and they're African American and it's predictable and it's just heartbreaking."

Noah Jones has lived in Charleston all of his life and said the city has seen it's share of tragedies over the last few years.

"From the Charleston Nine to Walter Scott and even this gentleman here that died in Charlotte. It hurts to know that people in my state and my town just cause they were black, cause they looked bad, just cause they were threatening for whatever reason these people felt the need to kill them," Noah Jones said.

The protest lasted over two hours consisted of people chanting, waving signs, and raising their hands in the air.

One protestor said she wanted to show her support in hopes of seeing change.

"I'm tired of everyday and looking at my news feed and seeing my brother and sisters killed for basically no reason," Courtney Hicks said.

Jones said these kind of protests give him hope for the future.

"I'm very fearful but stuff like this why I come it brings hope for me. As a Charleston, as a southerner and as a black man."